How come the images in your library look different from the images generated in our books?
The images in our library were generated with Midjourney and we use a different Ai text to image platform called Stable Diffusion for user generated books.
Are you using ChatGPT to generate text?
Yes, we are currently using ChatGPT 3.5 turbo.
How come the images generated by the bot don't match the contents of my story?
Ai is still a relatively new field and unfortunately image output isn't perfect yet. Please try the regen option if the initial results aren't satisfactory.
BookHero is an amazing product. Can I invest in the business?
Currently BookHero is a privately funded company. We thank you for your interests but at this time we're not looking for funding.
Can I select more than one virtue for my story?
Currently we only allow one selection, but we will expand this feature after more testing.
I have two children but I can only enter one name, will you expand this section so I can enter both of their names?
Yes, we will be working on a solution for parents with more than one child very soon.